Web 3 member based university Connect Wallet.

Conflux Academy is a new type of NFT. We are more than just art...Even though art is included! Our community grows as the NFT itself grows. We introduce innovative tech and processes that helps our community of token holders offer their rich talents and expertise, and co-op ideas together in the Web 3 space.

The long game with our roadmap is to introduce new Web 3 products created collectively in a paid co-op from talent in our 10K community of token holders.

We teach and learn collectively to navigate the opportunities of Web 3. We then turn around and create and share together new products and projects, only created from the community. We encourage #web3dev to own a token. Tokens will go on pre sale here on this site 3/28/22 at 2pm. You can follow our updates here. Each token comes with campus access, an 1 of 1 NFT , coin, and a host of other benefits.

We feel like education and the general business model has been broken for a while with the single teacher multiple students ratio, we believe when its a more even balanced ratio, accelerated learning occurs and multiple levels of benifit and usage are available and the over all inputs are more catered towards a personal experince for all.

As for the business model, the equation will always move thru a host of do/recieve meaning that with being an inhouse recruiting agency of sort, plus the project managament skills of an agency, we are able to work with just token holders to provide a proven method of approaching Web 3 from the ground up. We host an RFP type vote system that can select key talent for all the stages in the product development cycle. That's the main reason we encourage creators on get a token. There will be paid work for those who qualify and voted in.